Vielight MIP 470-633-655-810

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The MIP 470-633-655-810 combo provides benefits to brain health, systemic wellness and microbial sanitization.

This combo comes with the complete set of 4 MIP intranasal applicators.

The dual functionality of the MIP provides two distinct benefits of your choice, simultaneously.

Through modern engineering, the MIP is lightweight, durable, and power-efficient without compromising on efficacy.

Wavelength Benefits
470nm Blue Intranasal microbial sanitization
633nm Red Improves immunity, oxygenation and reduces inflammation
655nm Red (Laser) Improves immunity, oxygenation and reduces inflammation
810nm NIR Gentle brain stimulation

  • 10Hz Alpha | Relaxation and stress relief
  • 40Hz Gamma | Focus and energization

User Guide

Warranty: Two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Returns: Your Vielight product purchases are backed by a 6-months no-question-asked return policy which entitles you to receive 80% of your purchase price back within the first 6 months from the date of the purchase.

Important Note:  Our customer support, satisfaction guarantee and product warranty will not apply to devices sold through unauthorized channels, such as Amazon and eBay.

More Info: Please note that this product comes with an intranasal applicator.

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