PR Pro Endurance Percussion Massage Device

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PR Pro Endurance Percussion Massage Device

The massage device being described appears to be a highly versatile and portable solution for those seeking relief, recovery, and muscle relaxation. Here are the key features of this massage device:

12mm Amplitude Deep-Tissue Percussion Massage: The device offers deep-tissue percussion massage with a 12mm amplitude. This type of massage provides powerful stimulation to help loosen muscles and improve blood flow to specific areas of the body. It can be particularly effective for relieving muscle tension and promoting recovery.

High-Torque Brushless Motor: The massage device is equipped with a 45W high-torque brushless motor. This motor ensures that the device doesn't stall even when applying pressure during the massage. It delivers exceptional power for an effective massage experience.

Compact Cordless Design: The device features a compact, cordless design that is easy to carry and use. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort during use, and its lightweight nature makes it highly portable.

Swappable 24V Lithium-Ion Battery Pack: To extend the runtime of the device, it comes with an additional 24V lithium-ion battery pack. This feature allows users to double their massage time, ensuring that they always have a backup battery if needed. The battery pack fits neatly in an all-in-one carry case for convenience.

Adjustable Speed Settings: The massage device offers five adjustable speed settings, ranging from 1500 to 3200 impacts per minute. These speed settings allow users to customize the intensity of their massage to suit their specific needs and preferences.

Interchangeable Massage Heads: The device comes with six interchangeable massage head attachments, each designed for specific treatments. These attachments include Dampener, Flat, Ball, Wedge, Bullet, and Forkheads, offering a variety of massage techniques for different areas of the body.

This massage device is designed for individuals seeking faster relief, enhanced recovery, and the ability to target specific muscle groups or areas of discomfort. Its cordless and portable design makes it suitable for use on the go, whether it's after a workout, during travel, or as part of a regular self-care routine. The combination of variable speed settings and interchangeable massage heads ensures a customizable massage experience tailored to individual needs.


    Percussion Deep-Tissue Massage
    Percussive stimulation helps to loosen muscles and increase blood flow to specific areas. A Powerful 45W high-torque brushless motor ensures your device will never stall while applying pressure. Get faster relief and recovery to reach the next level. 

    Compact Cordless Design
    Portable, compact, and lightweight ergonomic design is easy to use so you can take the comfort of massage wherever you go.

    Extra Swappable 24V Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
    Double your run time with a swappable battery pack that fits neatly in the included all-in-one carry case. Ready to go when you need it? With two 24V lithium-ion batteries, you'll always have a backup if you need more massage time or forget to charge it.


    Height 10.20"
     Width 2.67"
    Length 6.85"
    Weight 2.10 lbs.
    Endurance Time 8 hours
    Power Source Battery



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