Neuradiant 1070

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Neuradiant 1070

Introducing the Neuradiant 1070, a next-generation self-administered light therapy device utilizing 1070nm brain stimulation, known for its positive impact on cognitive and behavioural functioning.

With independent programmable control over four brain quadrants, it offers unparalleled personalization for optimized cognitive well-being.

Understanding Light Therapy

Transcranial photobiomodulation is known as brain light therapy. Light therapy involves the use of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to deliver a specific wavelength of light that can be absorbed by cells in the body.

What is Photobiomodulation?

Photobiomodulation is otherwise known as light therapy.

Light therapy involves the use of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to deliver a specific wavelength of light that can be absorbed by cells in the body. The LED type determines the wavelength of light and can be tuned to a particular tissue or organ.

For Individuals

Cognitive Enhancement
Our helmet uses gentle LED lights to support your brain's natural activities. It's designed to help keep your mind sharp and focused, enhancing your daily cognitive function.

Blood Circulation
Light therapy assists in promoting healthy blood flow. This non-invasive approach supports your body's blood circulation, contributing to overall wellness and performance.

Immune Support
Support your body's natural defences with our device. It's designed to aid in maintaining a healthy immune system by increasing cellular energy, helping you feel stronger and more resilient.

Enjoy better sleep quality with our LED helmet. Light therapy aims to help regulate your sleep patterns, assisting you in achieving a more restful and rejuvenating night's sleep.

For Practitioners

Targeted Application
Our helmet offers the more precision to target specific brain areas – front, right, left, or back. This feature allows for more focused protocols, addressing the unique requirements of your clients.

Custom Programs
Tailor your therapies with the ability to set custom programs. Adjust time, pulse rate, and intensity to meet the specific needs of each client, providing personalized care.

Designed with practitioners in mind, our helmet boasts a simplified interface. This ensures ease of use, allowing you to focus on client care without the hassle of complex equipment.

High Penetration
Our helmet stands out with its 1070nm wavelength LED technology, offering deep penetration that is unique in the market. This feature is designed to enhance the effectiveness of light therapy for your clients.


Model Wavelength LED Quantity LED Power Lens Angle Optical Power Irradiance Area Output Power
Neuradiant 1.1 1070 ± 50 nm (Spectrum) 256 LEDs 60 mW/pcs (LED rated power 200 mW) 30° 10-40 mW/cm² 560 cm² 16 W
Frequency Setting Head Circumference Input Voltage EMF Controller Dimensions Controller Weight Brain Device Dimensions Brain Device Weight
0-9999 Hz Adjustable for all adult and kid head sizes 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz Close to 0 216 x 148 x 35 mm 860 g 290 x 220 x 150 mm 560 g

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