Hooga Vertical Stand

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The vertical mobile stand for HGPRO series panels is a convenient accessory that allows you to create customized full-body setups with these high-powered red and near-infrared light therapy devices. Here are the key features and functions of the vertical mobile stand:

  1. Customized Full-Body Setups: The vertical mobile stand is designed to accommodate HGPRO series panels, which are used for red and near-infrared light therapy. By using this stand, you can create larger and customized setups to target specific areas of your body for light therapy.

  2. Mounting Brackets: The stand includes mounting brackets that can be attached to the back of the HGPRO series panels. These brackets secure the panels in place, allowing you to hang them vertically on the stand.

  3. Wheeled Base: The base of the stand is equipped with wheels, making it easy to move the setup around as needed. This mobility is especially helpful if you want to use the light therapy device in different areas of your home.

  4. Lockable Wheels: To ensure stability during your light therapy sessions, the stand's wheels can be locked in place. This prevents unintended movement and keeps the setup secure.

By using the vertical mobile stand in combination with HGPRO series panels, you can effectively target larger areas of your body with red and near-infrared light therapy. This therapy is known for its potential benefits, including enhanced energy, pain relief, improved skin health, and more.

  • Compatible ONLY with HGPRO300, HGPRO750, HGPRO1500 and HGPRO4500.

Note: Will not work with HG Series panels or HGPRO ULTRA.


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Caro k

Great product

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