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Discover Balance and Resilience with emWave2®

Embrace a life of balance and resilience with emWave2®, a portable heart-rate monitoring system designed to help you achieve coherence—a state where your heart, mind, and emotions work together harmoniously.

Key Features:

  1. Portable Wellness: emWave2® is your on-the-go companion for well-being. Its compact and portable design allows you to access your heart's coherence wherever life takes you.

  2. Real-Time Feedback: The system provides immediate feedback by displaying your heart rhythm patterns in real time. This visual representation allows you to make adjustments and reach a state of coherence effortlessly.

  3. Simple User Interface: The user-friendly interface is easy to understand, offering a clear view of your progress as you work towards heart-mind alignment.

  4. Coherence Training: emWave2® guides you through simple yet effective coherence-building exercises. These techniques not only enhance your physical well-being but also promote emotional balance and resilience.

  5. Stress Management: By training your heart and mind to achieve coherence, you can effectively manage stress and develop a positive outlook on life.

  6. Portable Peace of Mind: Whether at work, during travel, or in the comfort of your home, emWave2® provides you with the tools to access a state of balance and calm anytime, anywhere.

On the go or at your computer, the emWave2® teaches you how to shift from stress and frustration to balance and resilience with real-time feedback, based on your own heart rhythm.

Sometimes, all we need is a little feedback to make positive changes within ourselves. Imagine if that feedback could come straight from your own heart. Well, now it can.

How it works

The award-winning emWave2® is based on years of scientific research and is designed to teach you how to shift your emotional state in the moment – so you feel better and think more clearly.

When we’re stressed, we feel poorly, and our brain function and creative thinking become impaired.

We might overlook or forget important details, overreact to small stuff, say things we regret, get overwhelmed, have trouble sleeping, or feel exhausted and drained. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

With emWave2, you will learn how to restore emotional balance right in the moment you need it.

Learn how to synchronize your heart, mind, and body to reset your composure and inner clarity, calm reactive emotions, and neutralize stress. This creates an inner state called coherence.

With practice, you’ll feel calmer, more centered, and focused – and enjoy a 'carryover effect' into your next activity. You will access more intuitive discernment to make better decisions.

This self-empowering technology uses heart rhythm feedback to tell you when you’re on the right track. A quick and easy 3-5 minute session a few times a day is enough to make a meaningful difference.

The Science Behind emWave2

The emWave2 analyzes our heart rhythm, measured by Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which indicates how emotional states are affecting our nervous system. HRV offers a unique window into the quality of communication between the heart and brain, which directly impacts how we feel and perform.


Our heart rhythm patterns are the best reflection of our inner state. We can use the Inner Balance to see what's going on inside of us and learn how to shift into a state of balance, self-reliance, and renewing feelings, such as appreciation and compassion.

The EmWave trains us to self-generate a highly efficient physiological state called HRV coherence, which helps us increase emotional composure and clearer reasoning. Recommended by health professionals worldwide, a few minutes of daily coherence practice has been shown to reduce and prevent the negative effects of stress, such as overwhelm, fatigue and exhaustion, sleep disruption, anxiety, and burnout.

Features and Specs

No matter where you are in your journey, the emWave2® Trainer offers you the insight and awareness you need to jumpstart your transformation.

Shift your emotional state at the moment and watch the changes occur in real-time.

The emWave2® is optimized to ensure accurate HRV and Coherence measurement.

  • Use emWave2 on the go as a portable training device and for session storage.
  • Run sessions on your computer and watch your coherence in real time.
  • Download your stored on-the-go sessions for graphical review and comparison.
  • Interactive Coherence Coach® teaches you a key HeartMath self-regulation technique.
  • Four challenge levels include an Advanced User mode.
  • Adjustable LED display brightness and audio feedback.
  • A variety of coherence-building tools make sessions more entertaining.



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