Carbonshade Clubmaster™ Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Enhance Your Well-being with Stylish Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

Introducing the Carbonshade Clubmaster™ – a generously sized frame with a subtle lens contour, meticulously designed to blend health benefits with style. This refined and slender frame not only caters to your visual needs but also allows you to maintain a stylish appearance while enjoying improved health and enhanced sleep. Experience the remarkable ability to block 99.8% of harmful blue and green light, leading to a more restful slumber.

**Top Quality:** Crafted with an aluminum alloy frame, the Carbonshade Clubmaster™ ensures longevity and enduring comfort.

**Scientifically Validated:** Supported by rigorous scientific research and endorsed by medical professionals, these glasses effectively block 99.8% of the complete light spectrum responsible for disrupting melatonin production (400-570 nm). Independent tests and comparisons substantiate our claims.

**Life-Altering Benefits:** The polycarbonate Red lenses in our glasses combat fatigue, boost energy levels, and contribute to a significant improvement in your sleep quality overnight.

**Unparalleled Sleep Quality:** Carbonshades act as a protective shield against sleep-disrupting blue light, restoring your body's natural sleep cycle and providing you with the best sleep you've ever experienced.

**Peak Performance:** If you find yourself tethered to electronic devices, Carbonshades represent the ultimate solution. They enable you to greet each new day feeling well-rested and more productive, ready to conquer whatever challenges lie ahead.

    What To Look For In Blue Light Blocking Glasses


    Elite Durability.

    Crafted with a heavy-duty aluminum alloy, and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses, Carbonshade offers a modern, signature look and long-lasting reliability.

    Benefits of blue light-blocking glasses in the evening:

    Better, deeper sleep: Red is the best color for blocking the light that inhibits sleep.

    Better focus: A healthy sleep cycle leaves no room for grogginess and lack of focus.

    Better dieting: When the body has better rest, is more balanced, and requires less energy through food to function well throughout the day

    Stress relief: Better sleep means a better mind. Relieve your body with a good night’s rest and protect your eyes with the best blue light-blocking glasses on the market.


    Lens-Bridge-Temple: 52-20-140

    Prescription Type: Non-prescription

    Lens Type: 99.8% blue and green light blocking

    Lens Material: Polycarbonate

    Weight: 28g

    Warranty: 30 Day Guarantee

    Blue Light Glasses Test: Real Blue Blocking Glasses Vs. “Blue Blockers”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do blue light-blocking glasses work?

    A healthy sleep cycle is vital to the immune system. Blue and green light suppresses melatonin in the brain and keeps the body awake. Carbonshade blocks 99.8% of all harmful blue and green light. This allows your sleep cycle or circadian rhythm to adjust and can positively impact sleep-related grogginess headaches, and dieting. 

    When should I wear blue blocking glasses? Is it OK to wear blue light-blocking glasses all the time?

    These glasses work best when worn 3-4 hours before bedtime. They are intended for indoor, nighttime use only, where they will have the greatest impact. Do NOT use it while driving.

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