Blue/White Sky Portal - 480nm Sky Blue + HiFi White

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The Sky Portal: Your Ultimate Solution for All-Day Computer Work

For those spending long hours in front of a computer, the Sky Portal is your go-to solution. Illuminate your workspace with high-quality light that optimizes your health and resets your circadian rhythm while the sun is up. This is the purest, laboratory-grade white light available, featuring exceptional color accuracy and extended reds to ensure natural color rendering. It even includes an adjustable 480nm sky blue channel for maximum circadian regulation.

Boosted Productivity: The Sky Portal serves as your secret weapon to enhance productivity. By replicating the clarity of natural daylight, it elevates your alertness and concentration, helping you stay at the peak of your performance and achieve more throughout the day.

Sleep Cycle Regulation: Maintaining a consistent sleep pattern is vital for overall well-being. The Sky Portal aids in reestablishing your body's internal clock, making it easier to develop and sustain a healthy sleep routine. Embrace rejuvenating nights and productive days!

Elevated Mood: Bid farewell to the dreary days of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). With an output of up to 60,000 melanopic lux, our innovative portal simulates the brilliance of a clear blue sky, offering a mood-boosting experience that can counteract the effects of SAD through OPN4 stimulation. Watch your blues dissipate as you immerse yourself in this invigorating light.


The Second Best Light Of Your Life…

Obviously, the Sun is the best light we have available to us as humans, but the Blue/White Sky Portal is a close second when it comes to white lights!

Did you know it is ~100x brighter outside than it is inside? Now you have a way to tell your brain the sun is shining while you’re inside! Feel happy, alert, and more focused, then be ready to fall asleep naturally when the Day Shift™ signal turns off. The Sky Portal is similar to a high-powered SAD light, able to deliver well over 60,000 melanopic lux, with 480nm sky blue, blendable with our extended red HiFi White.













Day Shift™

Tell Your Brain To Wake Up!

The Blue/White Sky Portal is focused on circadian function with 480nm sky blue plus an ultra-pure white light. The blue channel can be blended with our ultra-high fidelity white for a more cloud-like appearance, or use it set to 90% white, and 10% sky blue when you want an ultra-high fidelity non-harsh white light with no “cyan gap”.

Ultra High Fidelity Light With Extended Reds for Natural Color Rendering

Our white channel is tuned to exceed the performance you’ll find in photography lights! It has deep reds boosted for enhanced r9, meaning skin tones look more healthy and natural (e.g. on a Zoom call) vs. most other indoor lighting with poor red reproduction.

With sunlight defined as a perfect light, the Sky Portal aims to be as close to perfect as possible, this means colors will render more accurately under the Sky Portal.  No more green/yellow tint in your skin, art, and food, and no more eye strain caused by the harsh light spectrum found in traditional LED & fluorescent lights.

  • r9: 94
  • TLCI: 99
  • Very High Fidelity Index

Circadian Rhythm and Sleep

Better light during the day means better sleep at night.  Regulated melatonin production is vital for deep and restorative sleep for optimal performance and productivity throughout the day.  Let your body know it’s daytime so you’re ready to fall asleep naturally when the sun goes down.


For maximum circadian rhythm and sleep benefits, your Sky Portal should ideally be paired with our Carbonshade glasses that block Blue AND Green light that disrupts sleep in the evening.  You want melanopic light during the day, and you want to avoid it in the evening before you go to sleep.



Sky Portal X-Large – 450mm across (~17.3″)
Sky Portal Large- 330mm across (~13″)

The product photos with dual white panels show two “Classic” versions set to 50% sky blue and 50% white.


Why does 480nm Sky Blue Promote a Natural Circadian Rhythm?

Light blue (sky blue) wavelengths stimulate melanopsin-containing cells, which act as wakefulness/sleepiness controllers. These are the key wavelengths and photoreceptor pathways that when stimulated, promote alertness and circadian rhythm regularity.

Set to max brightness on the sky blue channel, melanopic lux is equivalent to ~60,000 lux without seeming as bright or harsh since there is no green or dark blue. This far exceeds the common minimum recommendation of 10,000 lux.  Our customers say the sky blue channel on 100% reminds them of the sky.

The Sky Portal uniquely promotes circadian and mental health through the stimulation of light blue wavelengths by drowning out harsh short-wave dark blue light from your ambient lighting and screens, by causing your pupils to contract with natural long wavelength sky blue.

What is a “Cyan Gap” & Why Do I Care?

Great question. In short, because of how white LEDs are built, there is a harsh gap in the 480nm sky blue range.  This range is the exact tip of human melanopic sensitivity.  This means that on top of it already being 100 darker inside than out, there’s also a massive gap in the light that is responsible for the regulation of circadian rhythm, which tells your brain that you’re awake.

Sunlight is what we aim for!


Is This Just A High-Powered S.A.D. Light?

This is more than a S.A.D. light. This is a portal connecting the interior of a building to a natural outdoor setting.

The idea that S.A.D. is a condition that only affects a small segment of the population is misleading.  Nearly all people feel and perform worse in poor light environments where their circadian rhythm is disrupted, we only give it a special name when these normal reactions cross a somewhat arbitrary threshold.  Better light leads to a better life.

What happens if your circadian rhythm is out of whack?

A healthy circadian rhythm is vital to maintaining long-term health.  A disrupted circadian rhythm leads to worse sleep, a foggy mind, and worse health outcomes. Strengthening circadian rhythm is one of the most effective wellness “bio hacks”.





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