Zenbooth Duo With Adjustable Desk

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Privacy. Quiet. Versatility.


Introducing the Zenbooth Duo Soundproof Booth with Adjustable Desk

Welcome to a new era of productivity and tranquility with the Zenbooth Duo Soundproof Booth. This innovative solution is meticulously designed to provide you with a private oasis of silence, perfect for focused work, collaboration, or peaceful moments of reflection.

The Zenbooth Duo is the most affordable, comfortable, and versatile way to create spaces for colleagues to work together.


A Meeting Room That Fits Your Space

Some of the best collaboration happens in duos, yet many spaces just aren't built for them. The Zenbooth Duo is the common sense choice for quick standup meetings, one-on-ones, and private conversations.

Bright & Spacious

Dual skylight ceilings & full profile doors flood our booths with natural light so you never feel claustrophobic.

Layers of sustainable acoustic insulation and felt panels dampen sound and enable private conversations.


Powerful Ventilation

High-powered motion-activated fans keep you cool and cycle fresh air into the booth once every minute.


Privacy Anywhere

Our design and engineering teams have optimized the acoustic performance of the booths to dampen noise so that conversations inside of the booths cannot be heard outside and vice versa.

Adjustable Desk

The Zenbooth Duo comes standard with the industry's only electric height-adjustable desk that allows you to easily change positions for improved ergonomics.

The adjustable desk allows the work surface to be raised and lowered to accommodate different working heights. The range of the adjustable desk is from 29" to 55" to accommodate use both while seated or standing.

Plenty of Outlets 🔌

UL-listed power distribution unit allows you to stay plugged in and charge your devices while you work

Plug-and-Play Electrical ⚡️

Plug-and-play electrical means that all you need to get your booth up and running is a standard outlet

Dimmable Lighting 🔆

Integrated dimmable LED lighting activated by occupancy sensor so you never waste power when unoccupied

Easy to Assemble 🛠

We designed our booths to be easily assembled with a team of 1-3 people with just a power drill and a ladder

Easy to Move ↔

The lightweight nature of the booths allows you to easily move them anywhere your office needs them

Easy to Clean 🧼

Designed with everyday use in mind, our booths are easy to clean with just a cloth, soap, and water


2-3 person phone booth  

Skylight 1/2” shatterproof Plexiglass skylight Integrated LED lighting with dimmer switch
UL-listed power & data unit (x2)
Occupancy sensor controlling ventilation system & lighting
(6) 15A 110v electrical outlets
(4) fast-charging USB outlets
(2) Grommet for data and telephone cables
Sound control
3.5” thick walls containing recycled mineral wool Echo-absorbing acoustic felt panels
Self-closing aluminum door with tempered safety glass
Exterior Size
→ 84.5” H x 84” W x 46.5” D
Interior Size
→ 83” H x 75” W x 37.75” D
→ 900 lbs
36” wide self-closing door 1/2” door threshold 19” door handle
Adjustable Desk
Range of heights from 29” - 55” 33.75” W x 21” D


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