zPods Gen 2 - Double Sleeping Bed

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Discover the ZPods: Double Sleeping Bed

At ZPods, we believe in creating the perfect sleep environment tailored to meet the unique needs of each sleeper. Our pod beds offer a range of features designed to provide a safe, personalized, and comfortable sleeping experience. Every ZPods bed comes equipped with:

Key Features:

  1. Safe Space:

    • Robust structure and durable walls ensure a secure and comforting environment, shielding children from nighttime fears and bad dreams.
  2. Control Panel:

    • Take control of your sleep environment with our user-friendly control panel. Adjust lighting, sound, and fan settings to create a sleep experience that suits your preferences. (COMING SOON: BLE 5.0 Bluetooth-connected control panel accessible from inside or outside the bed via the ZPods app on your smartphone or tablet. Parents can selectively lock or unlock bed features based on their child's maturity.)
  3. Light:

    • Multifunctional LED lighting adapts to your movements and sleep cycle. Choose from various lighting moods and even block out light completely for a restful sleep.
  4. Temperature:

    • Keep the air fresh and circulating with fan control. (COMING SOON: Options for scents and filters.)
  5. Sound:

    • Connect Bluetooth speakers to your smart device (e.g., tablet, phone) to play white noise, calming music, or any sounds that help your child relax.
  6. Comfort:

    • Spacious interior measuring 6.6 feet from end to end provides ample room for a memory foam mattress (sold separately; max size 43" x 78").
  7. Energy:

    • Convenient USB plug-ins allow you to charge cell phones and other electronic devices.
  8. Tech:

    • Access high-definition Internet TV on a separate screen (sold separately).
  9. Ease:

    • Easily install and remove sliding doors, simplifying bed maintenance and bed-making. (COMING SOON: customizable door designs to match your room decor.)

For highly anxious sleepers, ZPods provides a sense of control and security. Each ZPods bed is carefully designed to offer a customizable sleep environment that meets your individual needs. Discover a better way to sleep with ZPods.



7.8 feet
Width 4.25 feet
Length 7.25 feet



How is the Gen 2 zPods® bed better than the original bed zPods® started with?

We love the Gen 1 bed and are grateful for the vision it helped us cultivate for the future of zPods® and sleep technology. In our experience, the Gen 1 beds were very difficult to assemble and had components that were easily damaged in the shipping process. We decided to make changes based on customer feedback and what we were seeing for ourselves with our own children, including the following:

• Conversion to an entirely plastic structure (high-density polyethylene) to reduce the weight while making parts less likely to break and easier to replace with our five-year warranty

• Less resistance or more "give" in the plastic in order to protect children from harming themselves, especially for children with seizures

• Redesign of the sliding doors to ensure they would not jam and possibly entrap the occupant and to make it possible for them to be removed entirely within seconds for ease of cleaning and making the bed

• Overhaul of the design to reduce the complexity of the assembly process, thereby taking a project that used to take three to four hours of time and making it require only 20 to 30 minutes

• Reduction in the number of cracks and openings in the design that children were losing food, toys, and other objects in

• Removal of the ceiling panel with the lights embedded inside, which was flimsy and easily damaged either while shipping or by children pulling down on the panel

• Manufacturing of the bed in the USA to allow for greater quality control

• Bluetooth speakers so that occupants can listen to white noise or other soothing tracks

• More colors to choose from for the lighting

We will continue to introduce improvements to the bed as we receive more feedback. And the best part of all is that the new modular design enables parents to implement upgrades with minimal effort as we introduce them.

 How big is the bed? What size mattress is inside?

The footprint for the zPods™ Gen 2 Single is 7.25 feet long, 4.25 feet wide, and 4.25 feet tall. The footprint for the zPods™ Gen 2 Double is 7.25 feet long, 4.25 feet wide, and 7.8 feet tall. Each bed space fits a standard twin-size mattress with maximum dimensions being 43 inches wide and 78 inches long.

 What is the weight capacity?

The bed can handle up to 300 pounds per bunk.

 Will my child get trapped inside?

The doors do not have a locking mechanism. If the child impedes the door from opening by leaning up against it or blocking the track, the doors can be removed within seconds by lifting, tilting, and pulling them out.

Will my child get enough air?

The pod is not airtight and has four fans that work through holes in the structure for ventilation—two blowing in, two blowing out. With added HEPA filters (optional), this means the child is always being provided with fresh, clean air.

Is the bed soundproof?

The bed is not entirely soundproof, but it does reduce and muffle sound substantially when the doors are properly installed and closed. With Bluetooth speakers, users are able to pipe in white noise or other soothing sounds to further reduce noise from outside. The only way to make the bed entirely soundproof is to make it airproof as well, but we've opted for airflow for safety purposes.

What is the bed made out of?

Every iPod is made from a thick, durable, molded plastic (resin). It is manufactured with the highest quality standards here in the USA by our partner LINDAR corporation in Baxter, Minnesota.

Does it come with a television? How do I install one?

We will recommend a television separately if desired. Recommended screen size ranges from 18 to 28 inches. Please contact us for installation instructions and troubleshooting.

How hard is it to put together?

Not very hard! It takes 2 people roughly 30 to 45 minutes to put together the zPods® Gen 2 Single, and the zPods® Gen 2 Double can be assembled in a little more than an hour. We provide detailed instructions and are available by phone or video chat to walk you through it if you like.

Can I get the bed in different colors?

Although our current model variations are mostly limited to the stickers our child have decorated their beds with, we will soon have some more choices on door colors. Stay tuned for updates!

How do I clean the pod?

We recommend removing the doors first for easy access to the interior. We find it easiest to start by vacuuming out bits of things the kids inevitably sneak into their beds (e.g., cookie crumbs, crayons, etc.). If surfaces need further treatment, you can use baby wipes, a general surface cleaner, or a melamine foam scrubby. Glass cleaner on the mirror works well. Overall, the bed is easy to keep clean.

Can adults fit?

Absolutely! The length of the bed in the interior is 6 feet, 5 inches. This means, that unless you are taller than 6 feet, or 5 inches, you will fit just fine.

What if it doesn’t work out for me?

We have a 100-day cash-back guarantee. Contact us for more information.

How many fans come in the zPods Gen 2 Single?

2 fans.

How many fans come in the zPods Gen 2 Double?

4 fans.

2 fans on the bottom bunk and 2 fans on the top bunk.



Natalie was diagnosed with autism and schizophrenia. Before getting her iPod, Natalie slept in her closet and constantly woke up scared and most nights only slept 2-3 hours per night. She’d ring her private doorbell for her mom, Leah, who would then come and comfort her throughout the night.
​Leah was exhausted and open to anything that could help Natalie find better sleep and a more comfortable safe space.
​​With Natalie sleeping over 10 hours a night on average, both she and Leah get much better sleep.



At a very young age, Dawson was diagnosed with childhood-onset schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder, and autism spectrum unspecified.

For nearly all his life, Dawson had been sleeping only two hours a night.​

Most nights he’d be completely awake and his parents had to invest a lot of time making sure he was comfortable. For Dawson to get even the smallest amount of rest, he required up to four sleep medications. He’d fall asleep in school, often hallucinated, and wouldn't really show affection to his parents or siblings. 

His parents had exhausted all options as his behavior was becoming very challenging around the family—especially when exhibiting anger and discontent. Sometimes even slamming plates at the dinner table. Or he would just be emotionless with fatigue.

It was actually getting to the point where there was consideration of having him committed to a residential institution to seek additional help and support.

Well, we have some interesting news. So many amazing things have happened since getting his new bed and starting his zPods® adventure!

Dawson Sleeping_PNG.webp

Dawson is now sleeping 8 hours per night, consistently, and sometimes as much as 12 hours per night!

And, his parents have gone from sleeping 4 hours per night to 8 hours per night.

Dawson has also decreased his sleeping medication from 4 per night to only 1 per night!

And, his mother has completely gotten off her anti-depressants as she is now way more rested than she's been in years.

Dawson is doing much better in school and is no longer considered intellectually disabled and, is not falling asleep in school anymore.

He is also connecting so much better with his peers, brother, and his parents.

He and his father are now discovering a newfound connection and often find themselves playing much more and laughing hysterically.

He says things to his mother all the time now like,

"I love you. I miss you."

It literally brings tears of joy to her eyes whenever she talks about it.




From Johnny's mom:

"It's been 3 months since my son received his iPod. And it has changed our lives in so many ways. My son is sleeping throughout the night now, which means his sister is getting a better night's sleep and that means mom and dad are getting the best rest we need as well.

"My son was nonverbal and struggling immensely with sleep and getting through our day-to-day routines. But ever since he started sleeping better, he has started saying words, getting through and even knowing and expecting our day-to-day routines with ease and has been smiling and laughing (we haven't seen our son smile or laugh for almost 2 years).

"zPods has changed our lives and allows us to feel our best which is helping our son navigate our world as his best self! Thank you so much!"


Johnny's mother continues:

"I just wanted to let you know that yesterday afternoon the bed was delivered. My husband and I got the bed built just in time for Johnny's 2nd birthday.

"When he got into his bed yesterday, he kept tapping on his chest. He is nonverbal and this is his way of saying 'mine'. When he realized he could open and shut his own door, everyone was kicked out and he just laid in his bed for a while. It did take him a little longer to settle than usual because of his excitement. But Johnny usually is up at 5:30 every morning, not this morning! For his 2nd birthday, Johnny slept from 9 pm last night until 8 am this morning! My husband and I haven’t slept in for 8 in years! We knew the Zpod was going to be amazing for him but we had no idea he would take to it so we’ll, and so soon! 

Screen Shot 2022-04-23 at 4.30.42 PM.png

"I want to thank you for helping our family make this happen! We still can’t believe it! You have created such an amazing sensory bed! Everyone who has seen it is absolutely blown away. 

"Thank you again for everything."


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