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Indulge in Pure Relaxation with Our State-of-the-Art Float Pods Floatation Tanks

Step into a realm of unrivaled relaxation and rejuvenation with our cutting-edge Float Pods Floatation Tanks. These thoughtfully designed tanks offer you an opportunity to escape the daily chaos and find an oasis of tranquility where your body and mind can unwind, reset, and rediscover harmony.

In our floatation tanks, you'll experience complete sensory deprivation, allowing you to disconnect from the outside world's hustle and bustle. Let go of stress, tension, and worries as you embrace a moment of pure and uninterrupted bliss. These tanks are your gateway to a state of deep relaxation and mental clarity.

Embrace the serenity and rejuvenation that our Float Pods Floatation Tanks offer, and let the journey to inner peace begin.

The Float Pod


The standard Float Pod® is 102" long by 68" wide and is a fully self-contained unit, meaning the filtration system is located within the shell itself. In situations where space is limited, our original Float Pod® is the perfect choice.



The Float Pod Plus

The Float Pod® Plus is an extended version of the standard Float Pod®. Measuring 102" long by 68" wide, the filtration system is connected externally, giving your customers even more space to spread out during their floats.



Designed for use in offices, spas, and clinics where there is no direct need to operate the equipment remotely. Using an external control unit that can be built into a wall, the Clinical Float Pod® is ideal for those prioritizing ease of use and simplicity.


Designed for facilities operating multiple float tanks simultaneously. The Commercial Float Pod® is remotely controlled via computer using float management software (FMS). Ideal for float centres with three or more float tanks in operation.


UV Germicidal Purification:

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a disinfection method that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) light to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.

Two-Way Communication:

No more knocking on doors. Our Float systems come standard with lobby controls with session timing and a built-in intercom.

When a float client needs assistance, they just press the intercom button once and a connection is made. They can resume the float and wait for the attendant to respond. The lobby can communicate with systems individually or as a group.

Precision Heating:

A constant temperature will be maintained when Floating with our Theta Wave Heater technology. This heater has been specially made for the float environment to not disturb the Floater, even during the Theta wave state. This heater is easy to access should repairs or replacements be needed. In addition, our systems are accurate within 1/10th of a degree.


Select a variety of colors or cycle through all the colors. Practitioners of chromotherapy link the color they need based on what is happening physically or needed mentally in one’s life. Choose the color you are most attracted to during your float.

Built-In Audio:

Use any of your favourite music apps or streaming services through your smartphone and plug it directly into the float system. You can create your own playlist to float to.


Experience the pinnacle of tranquillity and innovation with the Float Pod Pro. Designed with a focus on delivering the ultimate R.E.S.T. (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technology) experience, the Float Pod Pro is the embodiment of luxury and relaxation.

Unrivalled Design: 

The Float Pod Pro boasts a sleek and elegant design, carefully crafted to create a seamless and immersive floating experience. With its three distinct sections - the Lid, the Top, and the Base - this floating oasis provides a sense of tranquillity from the moment you enter.

Unparalleled Functionality: 

Featuring advanced technology and thoughtful design elements, the Float Pod Pro ensures unparalleled functionality. It is equipped with an ultra-quiet motor that promotes a serene environment, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the R.E.S.T. session. The single jet and dual hair nets enhance water flow, creating a gentle and soothing sensation.

Optimal Hygiene and Purity: 

With the built-in ozone and ultraviolet purification system, the Float Pod Pro prioritizes cleanliness and purity. This advanced system eliminates bacteria, viruses, and impurities, ensuring a hygienic environment for every R.E.S.T. session. Additionally, the 24/7 filtration system maintains water quality even when the pod is not in use, providing peace of mind for both operators and users.

Constant Temperature Control: 

The underbody heater of the Float Pod Pro maintains a constant temperature throughout your R.E.S.T. session. This feature ensures optimal comfort and relaxation, allowing you to fully unwind and let go of the outside world.

Intuitive Control System: 

Equipped with a smart lobby control system, the Float Pod Pro puts you in control of your R.E.S.T. experience. Easily adjust settings, choose music options with integrated iPod and MP3 integration, and create the perfect ambiance with the R.E.S.T. LED lighting. The 2-way intercom system allows for seamless communication with the outside world, providing a sense of security and convenience.

Pro Warranty: 

We stand behind the quality and durability of the Float Pod Pro, offering a comprehensive Pro Warranty. With a 20-year structural warranty, 5-year parts warranty, and 2-year surface warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

Designed for Your Comfort: 

The Float Pod Pro is meticulously designed to minimize interior condensation, creating a comfortable and inviting environment for every R.E.S.T. session. You can fully immerse yourself in the experience without any distractions, enjoying the serenity and calmness that R.E.S.T. provides.

Discover a new level of relaxation and well-being with the Float Pod Pro. As you step into this sanctuary of tranquillity, you'll experience the transformative power of R.E.S.T., redefining your sense of peace and rejuvenation. Elevate your R.E.S.T. experience to new heights with the Float Pod Pro and embark on a journey of ultimate relaxation.

Industry Leading Warranty

Five-Year Shell Structure Warranty

Five-Year Limited Component Warranty

One-Year Surface Warranty

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