EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System Replacement HEPA Filter

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Elevate Your Air Purification with the EnviroKlenz Replacement HEPA Filter

The EnviroKlenz Replacement HEPA Filter is expertly designed to provide a snug fit within your EnviroKlenz Air System or EnviroKlenz Air System Plus, ensuring optimum performance. Rated to capture an impressive 99.97% of particulates, this HEPA filter stands as a stalwart defender of your indoor air quality.

Key Features:
- Durable: Replace every 2 years for consistent efficiency (sign up for the EnviroKlenz Auto-Refill program to never miss a replacement).
- Efficient: The ultra-fine fiber medium captures microscopic particles, removing at least 99.97% (9,997 out of 10,000) of airborne particles.
- Custom: Compatible with any EnviroKlenz Air System or EnviroKlenz Air System Plus.

Rest easy knowing that your air is being purified by this high-performance EnviroKlenz HEPA filter, recommended by the manufacturer for replacement every 2 years. Breathe cleaner, healthier air with confidence.



Compatible with: EnviroKlenz Air System and EnviroKlenz Air System Plus

Lifespan: You should change the HEPA filter in your EnviroKlenz Mobile System every 2 years to maintain optimal performance.

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